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  • vetrina a muro alta


    “Nettuno” model Refrigerated Multidesks is suitable for the display of gastronomic products, dairy products, snack

  • cella refrigerata con porte scorrevoli


    “Vision” Refrigerated Room is particularly suitable for storage and display pork products and cheeses, it’s

  • modulo refrigerato per angoli bar

    Corner Modules

    MG&MD Refrigerated built-in cases shaped to corner, are suitable for realizing curved or shaped bar

  • moduli refrigerati tn bt

    N.T. and L.T. Modules

    MG&MD refrigerated Modules, Static or Ventilated, L.T. or N.T., are suitable to be fitted in

  • Pensile Refrigerato in acciaio inox


    “Picture” model wall hanging cupboard is an element to be recessed in plasterboards or in

  • Pensile Refrigerato Statico

    Bacco Aventos

    Static Refrigerated Hanging with lift door, for wine or soft drinks

  • Pensile Refrigerato per vini e bibite


    Static Refrigerated Hanging with sliding doors, for wine or soft drinks

  • vetrina armadio refrigerata per ristoratori e enologi

    Wine Line

    “Theatrical” display cabinet or dual-zone wine cellar

  • espositore vini refrigerato


    Overview plug-in display cabinet with ventilated refrigeration

  • vetrina armadio refrigerata per vini formaggi salumi


    Refrigerated display cabinet with stainless steel basement, really versatile

  • vetrina armadio refrigerata illuminata


    Refrigerated display cabinet, NT (normal temperature) or LT (low temperature) with reduced height

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