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Exhibition elements offered in ambient, hot and refrigerated versions with different shapes and sizes, with many furnishing solutions and design, with the possibility to realize these also made to measure.

  • Banco frigo - vetrina refrigerata per panini


    Static refrigerated showcase with reduced depth

  • Banco frigo vetrina refrigerata buffet

    Buffet Showcase

    Ambient, hot or refrigerated showcase predisposed for GN baking pans

  • Banco frigo Vetrina a muro refrigerata bassa

    Buffet Cabinet

    Refrigerated low wall showcase predisposed for inserting GN trays

  • Banco frigo vetrina refrigerata angolare

    Curved Sirio

    Static refrigerated showcase to 90° open corner

  • Banco frigo vetrina refrigerata a ripiani


    Ambient, hot or refrigerated showcase, really traditional and very versatile

  • Banco frigo vetrina refrigerata EASY


    Refrigerated, hot or ambient showcase with glued glasses, even at corner

  • Banco frigo vetrina refrigerata Osiride


    Static, refrigerated showcase with drawers or ambient display case

  • Banco frigo vetrina refrigerata stile vintage


    Refrigerated display case with "retro" or modern structure style

  • Banco frigo vetrina refrigerata per pasticcerie


    Refrigerated or ambient display case, with high horizontal display surface

  • Banco frigo vetrina refrigerata per teglie e vassoi


    Refrigerated, hot or ambient showcase with one single floor and recessed tank

  • Banco frigo vetrina refrigerata per pasticcerie


    Classical showcase with ventilated refrigeration, really versatile

  • vetrina refrigerata per gelateria professionale


    Professional Showcase with ventilated refrigeration, very deep

  • banco frigo vetrina refrigerata per gelateria spostabile liberamente


    Ventilated Refrigerated Showcase on wheels, very low

  • banco frigo vetrina armadio refrigerata con controlli


    Ventilated refrigerated showcase with electronic control system of temperature and humidity

  • vetrina refrigerata per pasticceria e snack bar


    Ventilated refrigerated showcase with a fine view, all intermediate shelves are refrigerated

  • vetrina refrigerata per pasticceria fresca e praline


    Refrigerated display case with glass drawer or sliding doors on the top

  • vetrina refrigerata per sushi bar

    Sushi – Snack

    Refrigerated display case with reduced depth to be recessed or to be supported by another…

  • mobile refrigerato per panini


    Refrigerated display case, double-sided, to be supported by another floor, with all cold shelves inside

  • vetrina armadio refrigerata illuminata


    Refrigerated display cabinet, NT (normal temperature) or LT (low temperature) with reduced height

  • vetrina armadio refrigerata per vini formaggi salumi


    Refrigerated display cabinet with stainless steel basement, really versatile

  • espositore vini refrigerato


    Overview plug-in display cabinet with ventilated refrigeration

  • vetrina armadio refrigerata per ristoratori e enologi

    Wine Line

    “Theatrical” display cabinet or dual-zone wine cellar

  • Wine Slider

    2 temperatures cabinet for wine, with reduced width, conceived for modern spaces. It has complanars

  • Moving Style

    Classic and designer solutions for the coating

  • Technical Details

    General Characteristics to all showcases and refrigerated counters

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