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moduli refrigerati tn bt
moduli refrigerati da 1 a 5 fori

N.T. and L.T. Modules

MG&MD refrigerated Modules, Static or Ventilated, L.T. or N.T., are suitable to be fitted in any back counters or café counter.

Built-in cases are composed by a monobody case, insulated with low-density ecological polyurethane through 50 mm minimum insulation and with a foamed upper surface in order to avoid water condensation on the work surface.

The inside, end sides and the front case are made of aisi 304 stainless steel, the bottom is radiated in order to make the cleaning easier.

The temperature contol is controlled through electronic control unit. the overflow for water condensation end the evaporator pipes exit are on the case bottom.

With standard adjustable feet (h.70/120 mm or h.120/180 mm or h.145/200 mm).

Motors could be supply apart for remote connection, or built-in motors inside 400 mm-length stainless steel compartments fitted on the right standard (on the left on request).


Doors in stainless steel
Doors in glass
Doors in plastic for L.T. modules
Drawer-chests with n. 2 chests
Drawer-chests with n. 3 chests
Intermediate shelf in stainless steel.
Inner lighting by led tubes
Built-in motor into the 400 mm stainless steel compartment
Remote motor
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