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vetrina a muro alta
vetrina a muro refrigerata


“Nettuno” model Refrigerated Multidesks is suitable for the display of gastronomic products, dairy products, snack and drinks.

With display surface and intermediate shelves in stainless steel.

With studs and shelves supports in brushed steel.

30 mm-thick end sides in stainless steel at sight.

Inner lighting through upright neon, back closing with twisted night curtain or sliding doors in double-glazing.


Additional intermediate shelf
End side in double-glazing
Sliding doors in double-glazing
Built-in motor connected below the counter
Motor for remote connection by 10 mt of distance.
Basement underneath in waterproof ennobled wood inside at sight, without decorative panels outside, with beige anti – crash pvc edges and back open compartments.
Painted basement with 40 x 40 mm tubulars, without bottom, open on all sides
Stainless steel grid for covering the engine
Support for hooks (for cold cuts)
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