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castelli vetri incollati
castello vetro incollato

Glued Glass Structures

the “MG&MD” glass frame structures are made with 10 mm-thick tempered extralight glasses to flat wire, they are glued with specific products and using U.V. lamps to ensure a secure and totally invisible set.

At the bottom is fixed a silver anodised aluminium profile at “u” done with adhasive under, so that we can secure the glass structure to the work surface.

These glass frame structures are realized made to measure and can be equipped with led lights, intermediate shelves back doors.

It’s possible to realize glass frame structures also by using “double glazing” without frames, front covers (ideal for avoiding the problem of water condensation on cold refrigerated showcases) for a total visibility of the exposed products (this article was patented by “MG&MD srl).


Led lighting
Back sliding doors in plexiglass
Glued intermediate shelf
Shaped sides
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