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The passion for beauty and for the “finished” products led us to forge a strong partnership with the Brugnotto srl company ( a leading manufacturer of panels, accessories, modular furniture for the fashion world, etc …. with which we have developed 5 new furnishing concepts that bring together a select range of technological elements of our production with elegant furniture and neutral furnishings, designed by the creative team “shop interiors” and made by their skilled professionals.

The lines proposed born as modular (for industrial reasons), but that can also be made to measure, with materials and customized colors and are:

Metal, wood, glass and marble: if you work and mix all these materials with passion and experience you can obtain lines and products that give emotion and offer a perfect presentation of any food item.

Concrete and metallic panels with magnetic bottle holders (patented system). Worktops and surfaces with a wide range of modern finishing. A minimalistic space of strong visual impact.


Smells and flavors contained in a classical guise of Italian design. Winding and elegant shapes to create luxury and classy spaces.


This is the new avantgarde concept which contains in one wall all the necessary for a good customer service. A bar creating the same atmosphere as to be in a living-room where all the items are really handy!


A display cabinet which contains bottles of wine in different positions made of strong and warm materials, cold rooms and rustic large tables to taste and sell in an ideal environment the nectar of gods.

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