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  • Easy


    Refrigerated, hot or ambient showcase with glued glasses, even at corner

  • Moving Glass Vetrine Sirio


    Ambient, hot or refrigerated showcase, really traditional and very versatile

  • Osiride


    Static, refrigerated showcase with drawers or ambient display case

  • Bordeaux


    Refrigerated or ambient display case, with high horizontal display surface

  • Zurigo


    Refrigerated, hot or ambient showcase with one single floor and recessed tank

  • Moving Glass Market Vision


    “Vision” Refrigerated Room is particularly suitable for storage and display pork products and cheeses, it’s

  • Moving Glass Moduli Cocktail


    MG&MD Cocktail Modules are suitable for the insertion on bar counters or used as mobile

  • Modulo Caffe


    The MG&MD Modules for Coffee are made entirely in aisi 304 scoth-brite, their work surface

  • Moving Glass Moduli Moduli Retrobar

    Back Counter Modules

    MG&MD Rear Bar Modules are neutral elements made entirerly in aisi 304 scotch-brite. they consist

  • Moving Glass Vasche Slim


    Static Refrigerated Basin with contact pipes

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