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Technical Details

The showcases realized by Moving Glass & Metal Design srl are divided in substantially: chilled, hot and neutre.

Normally for refrigerated display cases the refrigerated system is composed by evaporators with finned pack with aluminium blades and welded thermostatic valves; the diameter of copper tubes for gas refrigerant (R404A as standard or R134A on demand) is: Ø = 6 mm for the delivery and Ø = 10 mm for the back in, the discharge of water condensation is a Ø20 mm flexible pvc pipe.

The output of the evaporator pipes, the discharge of condensate water and the position of the electronic control unit are usually on the left operator side (except for models as wall buffet cabinet, essence and concept2).
In the most part of refrigerated showcase models, under the electronic control unit will be free the electronic control panel (to be fixed inside the technical compartment); in the ventilated versions there is (as standard) also one potentiometer that rules the number of fan turns (leave factory setup).

The discharges of condensate water must be connected on the floor or can be provided (as optional) one thermostat small tank for the automatic water evaporation to be connected to the mains voltage 220V 50Hz (this small tank is not necessary for models as ares and cantina wine, white wine zone, because it’s standard).

Every refrigerated showcase in our catalogue can be personalized both in lengths and in upper structure (with the possibility to realize also extraclair temperated glass structure in U.V. glued or as examples of structures as described in “other productions” section.

In addition to stainless steel work plans offered in our catalogue as optional for the most parts of our counters, there is also the possibility to demand them also in laminate, marble, granite, quartz agglomerates or Corian (to be quoted according to selected material) furthermore there is the possibility to painting some special parts in aluminium or in stainless steel, range of RAL colours, always upon request of the customer.

Most of showcases are proposed on “raw” finishing (without base, without motor and without coating), but according to the coupling and to the compositions demanded by the customer moving glass & metal design srl offers different solutions of frontal and end sides coating (see “moving style” technical page) with addition of innovative materials and led lights leds.

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