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“Orione” model display case with ventilated refrigeration is in low temperature (-14/-16°c).
It’s studied for the coupling or the lining up to pastry display cases (as sirio and osiride models) in order to achieved furnishing line more versatile, homogeneous and personalized.
The inside and outside tank in aisi 304 stainless steel is insulated by 60/80 mm-thick low-density ecological polyurethane.

With R404A-valve evaporator, automatic defrosting with electrical resistances and hot gas.

Temperature controller by electronic control unit.

The speed of air exit is controlled by a potency regulator.

The glass frame structure in siler anodised aluminium, as standard (gold on demand) with neon light on the top and tank lined up end sides in glass.

Technical and functional characteristics of this counter allow to the ice-cream display in containers of 3 or 5 litres (with the possibility to adjust inner compartments) or ice cream cakes and frozen desserts.


Lighting by led tubes (for top lighting)
Opening frontal double glazing, with heated hinge profile (only for e sec.)
3 litres stainless steel containers for ice-cream
5 litres stainless steel containers for ice-cream
8 litres stainless steel containers for ice-cream
Faired small tank for ice-cream proportioner.
Covering stainless steel trays for supporting frozen desserts
Built-in motor connected below the tank
Motor for remote connection by 5 mt of distance
Basement underneath in waterproof wood inside at sight, without decorative panels outside, with beige anti – crash pvc edges and back open compartments
Painted basement with 40 x 40 mm tubulars, without bottom, open on all side
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