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“Nancy” model display case comes from the need to joining the practicality and the functionality of a pastry/praline showcase to vintage lines for locations in “retro” style or essential lines and modern lines furniture much more studied.
The exhibition plan can be chosen with 610 mm or 710 mm depth according to the method of product exposure, on the back it is fixed a comfortable compartment for the paper holder, with electronic control panel placed under the body, insulated with a low density ecological polyurethane, inside in stainless steel and outside in plasticized beige sheet.

With R404A-valve refrigerator system, automatic defrosting by electrical resistances, with inner plexiglass baffles, without work plan and without back doors.

Output evaporator pipes and water condensation discharge on the bottom, standard proposal with front glass backsplash (to french way).


Top lighting by led strips
Additional stainless steel shelf (+100 mm height for the display case)
Shelf lighting with wired ceiling light by led tube
Stainless steel work plan
Humidity control system (for praline)
Sliding doors kit in bended plexiglass with profiles on wheels
Built-in motor connected under the tank
Motor provided separately for remote connection by 10 mt of distance
Stainless steel grid for covering the motor
Basement in beige ennobled wood, inside at sight, with pvc anti-crash edges and back open compartments
Basement in stainless steel, with 40 x 40 mm supports, without closing on the base, open on all sides
Kit heated glass
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